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Our kids may exhibit highly disruptive behaviors in the classroom and frequently break school rules, which then lead to consequences like suspension or expulsion.  Our kids may struggle academically in which they are failing multiple classes or are behind the grade level of their same age peers.  In some circumstances, just getting to school is a major concern.  Whether it is due to a child’s level of anxiety or apparent lack of interest in attending, parents may battle with their child almost every day to get them to go to school.    

How Can We Help?

The Care Manager assigned to a child will collaborate with their teachers, Child-Study Team members, school counselor, principal, or other school staff to address the child’s needs.  The Care Manager would maintain ongoing contact with the school and may accompany the parent to a Child Study Team meeting to further collaborate with the school district in addressing the child’s educational needs.   

School staff become a member of the Child-Family Team, which would work together to implement strategies to support the child in attending school, encourage positive interactions with their classmates and school staff, and support their academic success. 

In some circumstances, just getting to school is a major concern.

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