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TriCounty CMO Provider Information

How to become part of the TriCounty CMO Provider Network

All agencies and community organizations are welcome to be part of the network of care for TriCounty CMO families and to participate in planning services, such as clinical, educational, vocational and residential or resources such as support groups, mentoring programs and recreational programs that contribute to a family's resiliency and stability in the community.

The first step in becoming part of our network of providers is learning about the roles and responsibilities of both TriCounty CMO and your organization in a partnership.  Our Provider Agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of each partner and seeks to enhance the quality of services for families while strengthening the relationship between providers and the community.

The second step is to contact us.

In addition, organizations can choose to become part of our TriCounty ResourceNet independent of whether they become a contracted partner.  If you are a provider of family services in New Jersey, you can extend your reach and increase the number of families you can help by becoming part of TriCounty ResourceNet.  The process is easy -- simply access, click the Join button on the home page and then click Submit a Resource.  Join today and give more children and families the benefit of your services and experience.

If you have questions about any information in this section, would like TriCounty CMO to learn more about your organization and/or are interested in becoming a contracted provider, contact our Community Resource Manager at 908-526-3900x120 or email