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Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

The TriCounty Care Management Organization understands that the health, wellness, and safety of the family matters.

In affiliation with our system of care and community partners, we bring together resources to meet the current needs of children and their families with complex behavioral, emotional, social and mental health challenges.

Our primary objective is based upon the principle of keeping families strong.


Our Core Values

Services are child-centered and strength-based.
Services are family-friendly and family-driven.
Services are community-based and culturally-competent.
Services have measurable outcomes.
Ongoing identification and development of sustainable community resources enhancing family choice and independence.
Commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Our Objectives

Getting children the services they need — where and when they need them — without waiting lists or eligibility barriers.
Building service plans that are child- and family-centered.
Broadening the scope of services with a balance of formal and informal resources.
Developing wraparound care plans comprised of child, family and community strengths.
Ensuring that services are responsibly authorized, delivered and monitored, with documented positive outcomes.