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Introduction to TriCounty CMO -- Our Commitment to Keeping Families Strong

In celebration of our 5th anniversary in 2011, a video ("TCCMO 5-Year Retrospective") was produced commemorating our outstanding service in achieving our guiding principle of "Keeping families strong." It provides a narrative 5-year look back portraying highlights of our operations since 2006. Also featured are creative examples of youth workshops developed and facilitated by our care manager staff. As we continue to serve youth and families in Warren, Hunterdon and Somerset, TCCMO confidently anticipates continued success in its endeavors to keep youth at home, in school and in the community.

In an effort to share our 5-year outstanding service history, please view the attached 5-minute video file. We encourage you to spread the word about TriCounty CMO as a children's system of care partner under the Division of the Children's System of Care. If you are similarly inspired by our commitment to excellence and wish to make a donation to our Special Needs Family Fund assisting our families who are experiencing an emergency or financial crisis, we thank you for your contribution to our mission of "Keeping Families Strong."

Please select link below to view our 5 minute video:
TCCMO (5 minute) Five Year Retrospective Video (external link)

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