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Child and Family Team

The Child and Family Team
. . . natural and formal supports

The Child and Family Team is made up of the people who know the child and family best. Team members are people who are willing to make a commitment to do whatever it takes to help the child and family make their life better.

Tri-County Care Management Organization (TCCMO) bases its coordinated care on the wraparound process of service delivery, whereby families and communities collaborate in identifying their strengths in order to meet the needs of children. From its inception in January 2006 to date, children are referred to TCCMO through other county agencies. The Care Manager first meets individually with the child and family to create a strengths inventory and establish who should be included on the team. A Child and Family Team (CFT) is convened to develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) containing measurable, immediate and long-term goals. The CFT is comprised of both "natural" and "formal" supports who are integrally involved and play an important role in the child's life. The strategies derived from the child's needs and goals address all aspects of family, school and community life beyond the treatment of mental health symptoms. Its ultimate objective is to develop, refine and execute the ISP based upon wraparound values and strength-based planning. Care Management provides the framework and structure within which families help themselves achieve positive outcomes.

To support ISP goals and strategies, Tri-County CMO organizes and manages a local system of care that blends professional or formal services with informal supports or resources, including civic or faith-based organizations as well as community recreation programs. Child and family teams explore what works to meet the child and family/caregiver’s goals and also work to maintain family stability and community participation.